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Teambuilding and closed dates

The Guardians is the first multi-day quest adventure with full immersion. This is an international project with the author's 600 km route through unexplored lands of Armenia. Our games are aimed at teambuilding, by jointly overcoming all stages of the quest. We are pleased to adapt the game to your team and will organize the game at a convenient date for you.
Our advantages
Multiple increases in income
  • Agree that only a recovered employee can give out bright interesting ideas, and the
    efficiency of an exhausted employee will be approximately zero.
  • Participating in our project your team will not only rest and restore their strength, but also will treat the work with great trepidation and zeal to bring the company maximum benefit. Because here an incredible adventure is given for a good work
The Ideal Intensive Travel Format
  • All successful leaders know that their team needs to encourage for diligent and well-done work.
  • Intensive travel-a great recipe for encouragement and further stimulating employees to achieve new successes.
  • Our project fits perfectly into the popular format of cooperation with employees in the West, and now in Russia.
This is a completely new, unique product
  • We are the first and, so far, the only creators of this format of rest.
  • Before you is a completely unique product that has no analogues in the world - a multi-day quest with complete immersion in the plot.
Teambuilding /Game for business
  • Familiarity in an informal setting with new business partners, friends.
  • We will help to unite the team, find out the strengths of the people in the team.
  • Our project will help identify leaders and implementer.
  • A real team is built not sitting on chairs in a stuffy room, but when you need to lend a
    helping hand to someone who is afraid of heights. When a bright guess of a colleague helped pass the test. When in the evening around the fire you smile tiredly at each other.
  • Does it seem difficult to organize such an adventure? You only need to make a decision, we take care of the rest.
Full reboot of the brain and emotions
  • The format of a multi-day performance travel allows you to fully relax in a short time.
  • We seem to create a "different reality" for the participant. It is engraved in memory and fills with energy for a long time.
  • At the time of the adventure, you will cease to be a strict boss, a responsible specialist or a clever Manager. It will be interesting to you, as in childhood. Here, in the mountains of Armenia, you will definitely notice that you feel good.
  • Plans, reports, calls, negotiations. Do you remember how the birds sing? How do the leaves rustle? How do the mountains silent … Vacation is not only for the rest of the body. Natural landscapes are pleasing to the eye, clean mountain air fills the lungs, the nerves cease to stretch like the strings of an electric guitar.
  • Surely you and your employees care for your health and go to the gym, swimming pool or play football with friends on weekends. Here, in the fresh air, you will walk on mountain trails, practice dexterity and accuracy, strengthen your body and spirit.
  • Certainly, we understand that everyone's level of training is different. If there are health problems, we always offer an alternative way to travel.
Reveal new qualities (yours and colleagues)
  • The collective becomes one if there is a place for sincere emotions, interests and feelings. The game helps to see each other from the new side, reveal people, increase trust in the team.
  • A new level of interaction, trust, personal growth of each employee and the team as a whole.
Emotions for life
  • The whole travel is connected with a dramatic scenario.
  • Full immersion in a new world. The game does not stop even while eating and sleeping.
  • You will experience something that is not real to feel in ordinary life.
  • You will feel like a world saver hero, become a character. This will help to distract from ordinary life.
  • You will discover new facets of personality in yourself, feel like a person of another era, profession, another world.
  • You will live in unusual conditions.
  • All the space around you, even nature, becomes part of the game.
  • In the adventure program there is swimming in a geyser. All our guests enjoy the natural jacuzzi.
We work without intermediaries
  • This means that your company will not have to pay extra for the services of other organizers.
  • For efficient operation, it is important that the customer-service provider chain does not consist of multiple links.
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