The first multi-day quest with full immersion
"Guardians. The heart of Aramazd"

The first multi-day quest with full immersion "Guardians. The heart of Aramazd"

TerraEpica - No. 1 in multi-day quests
Terra Epica "Guardians. The heart of Aramazd"
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You dreamed to experience this feeling whole your life!
This is a unique product that has no analogues in the world - a multiday quest with a full immersion in the plot. We guarantee that you will get a completely new experience and impressions for the rest of your life. Each of us as a child dreamed of becoming a hero of a movie, a book or a video game. And taking part in our quest will make your dream come true for a few days!

While playing the Quest you will use special spy gadgets to solve mystical puzzles and riddles of alchemy. Some of the tasks will require wit and ingenuity, others - physical strength and reaction. The ability to expand your comfort zone will be useful either.

For whom is this quest? It's for real adventurers, who. is ready to discover the secrets of ancient civilizations as Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. For real fans of the world of fantasy, lovers of Tolkien, Heroes of Might and Magic, who's ready to go on exciting journey there and back.
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Specifics of this quest
  • International project

    The quest was created by recognized experts is various fields: professional screenwriters, filmmakers, actors, psychologists, computer games developers, writers, guides and even militaries from Europe, Russia and Armenia.
  • Authorial rote 600 km

    The way leads to the South from Yerevan and back to pass through the most beautiful places and see the monuments of the ancient civilizations(some of them are 3500 years older than Stonehenge), the cave city, bridges over the abyss and ride on the world's longest cable car.
  • The unexplored regions of Armenia

    Specially chosen location - the most original, authentic and even wild, with highland canyons and emerald valleys, mountains and caves. And at the same time, of course, we took care of your safety and friendly atmosphere. All of this can be found in Armenia.
  • Atmospheric props

    You will get specially sewn raincoats and shirts, amulets, artifacts and weapons specially created for the game. The staff involved in the game are also equipped with the necessary costumes and make-up. Nothing will break the atmosphere of the game.
  • Full immersion

    Starting practically from the arrival and till departure you will be in game. The game's specific and unique performance are seamlessly woven into the plot and distributed throughout the whole quest. This is done specially to create the feeling of another world.
  • All inclusive

    Quest includes a meeting and departure at the airport, three meals a day, accommodation overnights, transportation, insurance and escort. The meals and transportations are organized in such a way that you don't lose the atmosphere of a game even for a minute. At the same time we guarantee your complete safety and the most real emotions.
What will you get in Armenia:
We made sure that the place we chose for the quest was complied with the fantasy atmosphere as much as possible, had a rich history and was completley safe.
  • The unique landscape, combining snow-capped mountains and valleys, vast canyons, geysers and mineral springs, and even entire mountain towns. Also, these are centuries-old monuments of architecture, natural objects with a thousand-year history. In these lands to this day much remains a mystery.
  • An excellent Caucasian cuisine on fire and coals: an abundance of meat, vegetables and traditional sauces. This is ideal for a hiking game. We also did not forget about vegetarians and vegans, they also have a balanced diet with national delights.
  • The game is completely in English, to accept players from anywhere in the world. You can come by your team or become a member of an international team and get acquainted with players from other countries - the game is perfectly suited for international networking.
  • The country has zero level of terrorist threat, complete absence of any armed bandit groups. The low crime rate and friendly attitude towards foreigners make presence in Armenia not only safe, but also home-like cozy.
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