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"Guardians" is an international project with an author's route of 600 km along the unexplored edges of Armenia. Become a partner, earn and grow with TERRA-EPICA.

Benefits for our partners
You will be able to offer a unique product to your customers
We created the world's first multi-day adventure with elements of quest, travel, extreme, role-playing and performance.

One of the cornerstones of the project is full immersion of participants in the realities of the proposed new world.
The game does not stop even while eating and sleeping. Heroic equipment, game props (more than 200 units), 30 people serve the adventure, actors, guides and performance artists provide guests with a sense of being in another world.

You will be able to order another adventure
In addition to the main presented adventures there is also a program transformer.
Travel is adapted to the preferences of customers depending on their number and priorities.
As a basis are taken the legends of the main adventure.
It is possible to change not only the entire Arsenal of tasks and entertainment, you can also radically change the locations themselves.
групповое путешествие
We work – you earn
After receiving the order, we begin the process of packaging and realization of the adventure. You just have to get your interest, and to spend time freed up from the organizational routine for more profitable things for your company.
квест игры
We know how to surprise
At every turn, something incredible can happen.
Our videos and texts contain a lot of information about how everything will go.
However, we do not and will not make a spoiler, but, at the same time, surprises and unexpected scenario turns are prepared for a lot.
Win-Win position. If our client wins - we win
We value the reputation of our partners.
It is very important that our partner gets the maximum benefit from the strategic Alliance with us, comfortable and ideological cooperation.
This is not a race for big wins. We are well aware that a dissatisfied customer can not only leave negative feedback about our work, but also express distrust of the partner's company. Conversely, a satisfied customer will send his colleagues, acquaintances and friends to our partners. Our ideology is to ensure a good reputation not only for ourselves but also for our partners.
Only professionals
We have assembled a team of more than 40 people. Directors, guides, actors, technical workers, instructors, artists, writers, staff. There are those who will be in sight, as well as those who will remain "behind the scenes", creating the effects of mysticism and surprise in the game, comfort during rest and pleasure from meals.
LTV. Repeated sale
We are working to motivate people to come back to us again and again. And the first halt in the beaten path of returnees-the company of our partners.
We create a club of regular customers.
Work without intermediaries
To work effectively, it is important that the customer - supplier service chain does not consist of multiple links.
достопримечательности в армении
групповой квест
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